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Wedding planner based in Geneva are ready to help you for your event

Oct 29

The best way to have an unforgettable event is with the help of someone who knows what they are doing, and that's why you need us! We'll take care everything from set up till clean-up.

Wedding event planning in Geneva

The team over here at Wedding Planner Genève ~ Les noces de Diane can't wait until your wedding day arrives so we're ready for anything; no detail remains unplanned or unnoticed in this business.

The Amazing event of your life

A wedding is an amazing event that should be enjoyed by all involved. A great way for you and your partner, guests or significant other's family members can do this? It seems like no matter what arrangement there are in place; something always falls through the cracks! What if I told ya someone was here to help make things run smoothly on both sides of the aisle... 
The Best Wedding Planner has been around since 2007 when my business partner's son got married-and had none of his school friends attend because they thought it would just be plain boring (I know right?!). We didn't want him left out so we offered free invitations with RSVP cards which turned into online check-ins at www two weeks before the reception started -amazingly enough everyone

Planning a wedding in Geneva? You need the best of luck and connections to find your perfect match. Let us handle it for you, we have all necessary qualities needed in an efficient planner!