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Tips for Portrait Photography Every Photographer Must Know

Oct 27



Portrait photography can be difficult however it doesn't need to be. You can make stunning portraits that surprise even the most skeptical of critics with the right equipment and techniques. This tutorial will help you understand how to create a scene for viewers to be able to see what they are looking at. We also show beginners how to use camera settings of DSLRs, Mirrorless as well as smartphones to capture stunning portraits.


Choose Your Background Wisely


Puretouch Portrait Photography are concerned with making sure the subject is clearly visible against the background. In order for this to occur, they must have the right setting and props for every situation, so that there aren't any obstacles or confusion about what might be happening in the background when they take pictures. If you utilize a wall to create a backdrop, then everyone will notice it. There is nothing else quite similar to this one! The type of wall that is used here uses neutral shades and striking colors that aren't bright. We aren't looking to draw focus away from the individual we are trying to attract.


You must be aware of the area of study


No matter how costly your camera is you can't expect to get great pictures if the subject isn't at its best.

When you're taking pictures of someone who isn't used to having cameras pointed at them or simply taking photos of strangers, whatever the reason, make sure they're as comfortable as you can so that everyone has an enjoyable time together! The subject should wear neutral colors if possible. This makes their face stand out more. Try any other equipment you have and have them test it prior to shooting photos.


Begin by talking to the group and explaining the ideal film. After that, you will get suggestions from all parties on what they'd like to have captured on film.


Get Your Subject Some Good Posing Techniques


Las Vegas portrait photographer, John Dee understands that his subjects are not always clear about what they should be doing when they pose. Therefore, it is important to instruct your model and give clear instructions throughout every shot so that you take their beautiful images without confusion!


The most successful portraits are those where there's comfortable interaction between the photographer and the subject being photographed. This can be accomplished by using postures and angles that give a natural feel or more like confrontational photos where their shoulders face yours instead. This will make them look uncomfortable in your direction, creating a contrast between who is being photographed (you). Use props such as hats for various shoots so you do not have any awkward moments in transitioning from one pose or angle to another!

The subject should be properly lit


Natural daylight, regardless of a slight overcast or direct sunlight, provides the most beautiful light to photograph portraits. The intense shadows cast on your subject caused by a raging sun will be diminished by natural light and look better against their surroundings instead of harsh and dramatic like they would when lit by indoor studio lights.

You won't be disappointed when you're open to trying something new!


Backlighting can provide your subject with stunning golden light. It is important to provide fill to keep them from getting shadowed by the sun when shooting in the sun, but the backlight is worth exploring for those unique moments!

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