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What makes a good reflection photo?

Sep 29

A family's joy at the prospect of a new baby is unique. This is why many people wish to capture this moment in time with photos. Maternity photography is more than just showing off baby bumps. This is a time to celebrate this particular time with your family.

How do you choose the right maternity photographer? When is the best time to schedule your maternity photography session? What are the most popular themes and outfits?

Ideas for Maternity Portraits

Let's get to the fun part. Here are some ideas and themes to make your baby's arrival memorable.

The Big Reveal: Pregnancy and Adoption Photoshoot

Photographs can be used to announce a new baby to the world. You can do this type of shoot at any time during your pregnancy. A "big reveal" photo shoot is an excellent way for you to share the joy of adoption.

Here are some ideas for Pregnancy Reveal shoots:

  • Sign with the due date
  • Close-up of the belly during pregnancy
  • You can incorporate props such as baby shoes, a bear or a onesie.
  • Use a "bump ahead street sign."

You might want to consider these options if your new baby is coming via adoption.

  • For international adoptions, a globe image is placed over the belly.
  • Artifacts that are representative of the culture or region where the adopted child is from

These are two ideas that can be used for adoption or pregnancy:

  • These candid shots capture the joy felt by family members after the announcement was made
  • Design for a movie poster announcing the "release day."

Family Maternity Photography

The whole family is an excellent choice for maternity photos. You can have a formal, candid, funny or severe shoot. This can include human relatives as well as four-legged pets. Your imagination is the only limit.

Take a look at these ideas:

  • These intimate photos show the love and joy between parents
  • You can match t-shirts, costumes, and outfits
  • Older children kiss Mom's belly while she is pregnant.
  • Fur babies that have a sign saying "older brother or sister."
  • Formal multigenerational shoot with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc.
  • Everyone enjoyed an activity with the whole family
  • All the family together at a particular place, such as a local park or beach.


Water can give your photos texture and flavor. There are many ways to do this.

A natural setting for a pregnancy shoot is the bath. To make the water opaque, use a milk bath solution. You can also use bubble bath soaps, coloring or flowers for dramatic effect!

You can be creative and shoot in lingerie or a nude photo. You can also take great photos at the beach, whether standing in the water, lying in the sand or relaxing in the surf. Playing in your backyard sprinklers or paddling pool is an excellent idea for an informal shoot. This is a great option if you're looking to include other children in the shoot.

Seasonal Maternity Photography

The seasons are a timeless theme for photoshoots. You can choose to shoot in the season closest to the due date or the season when the shoot begins. Images of fertility and growth are excellent choices for spring. Consider flowers, greenery and baby animals.

Summer imagery could include sun-soaked beach balls, sand buckets, and pails.

Many people love autumn's harvest imagery. This includes leaves in fall colors as well as pumpkins. Many families may choose Halloween images such as jack o'lanterns or black cats. Winter is characterized by snow, snow-people and ice skates.

Concentrate on your belly

While some moms may want to trim their waistlines, many expectant mothers are more concerned with the appearance of their bumps. Here are some ways to make the most of your beautiful belly.

  • As a gift, wrap a ribbon around your belly.
  • Family members cuddling or kissing the belly
  • You can emphasize your unique shape with silhouettes or shadows
  • For your unique shape, wear form-fitting clothes in solid colors.
  • You will be accentuated by flowing dresses
  • "Before-and-after" photos, where the baby is replaced with the bump

Floral Themes

A pregnant body is in bloom. Nothing says this better than flowers. Here are some ways you can incorporate floral themes in your shoot:

  • Garlands and daisy chains
  • Crowns and wreaths to the head and the belly
  • Standing in a field full of flowers
  • Bath with colorful petals
  • A bare baby bump is adorned with petals
  • A shower of flowers

Home Sweet Home

You can host photos at your home if you are welcoming a child to your home. You can have a home shoot indoors or outdoors, formal, informal, candid and funny, serious, and so forth. Here are some ideas:

  • The whole family is in bed with the parents
  • All on the couch together
  • Baking in the oven (cooking together)
  • In the backyard
  • Surround yourself with nature from the front porch
  • Everyone helped decorate the nursery

Hobby / Career Shoot

It's a great way to introduce someone to meaningful activities in your life. To take your maternity portraits to a new level, you could be an athlete, a crafter, or someone who enjoys pets, cooking, and other activities. Consider:

  • Your tools
  • Art supplies
  • Things you've created
  • You can use objects for hobbies

Fashion Forward

Many expectant mothers feel beautiful, and many ways to express this. If you feel less than beautiful, a set of high-fashion maternity clothes with flattering poses and lighting may help!

You don't need to dress your baby in the cutest maternity fashions. You can also find maternity clothes that look professional, intelligent, outdoorsy or just plain sexy. A steampunk pregnancy shoot? Why not? Fashion is not just for pregnant women or those who are post-delivery. Numerous models have walked the catwalk with baby bumps, and Vogue Magazine has all the receipts.


Is there a special place you would like to photograph in your area? You could even stage your shoot there. Other options include:

  • Museums
  • Art spaces
  • Zoos
  • Restaurants
  • Tourist attractions

There are so many possibilities!

Are you ready to take the plunge?

You have the opportunity to make a statement about your new baby to yourself, your family, and the world. This is an excellent way to announce your pregnancy or adoption decision and showcase your family. These are our top tips.

  1. Consider when you want to shoot your photos: Early in pregnancy or later.
  2. Take into account the tone and the theme. Pick a setting.

Final decision: Hire a professional like Alyssa Orrego Photography or do it yourself.