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Pro tips for mesmerizing reflection photography

Sep 29

You may have heard that maternity photographers use a polarizing filter to prevent reflections. But did you know there was reflection photography? It doesn't mean you have to deal with the ugly hot spots on your face; it's about discovering the beauty of mirroring reality. Reflections in photography can take you to a whole new dimension. 

This guide will provide information, ideas, and examples to help you see the world differently.

5 Tips to Mesmerizing Reflection Photography

It doesn't take much to find and create reflections in photography. All you need is your imagination. These are some suggestions to help you get started.

Water is the best! 

A body of water is one of the most common elements in reflection photography. It's easy to find and works great. A river or lake can be used for landscape photography. You can also use a puddle, a fountain or a stream for urban photography. The tub can even be used for creative portraits. Water can be used as a reflection surface regardless of your expertise. You can bring a water bottle to make water reflections if you are out to create them.

Reflective surfaces made of glossy materials can be created.

When you plan reflection photos, your thoughts immediately turn to water, crystal balls and metals. Some other materials and finishes can work as well. Consider the floor in public buildings (i.e. Think about the floor in public buildings (i.e. an airport), your glossy countertop in your kitchen or your shiny car. For better images, you can use unexpected reflective surfaces.

Take a look through the windows.

Windows are another great source of reflection photography, as glass objects can reflect light. You can create a double exposure effect by photographing through a window. This blends the reflections with the scene inside the window. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and be aware of the reflections from the windows. You must respect the privacy of others. The inside of the shop or house is yours.

The composition of a piece of content is important

This is probably a tip you have seen in every article on photographic tips. It is the key to making a great photo. How a person views your photo will depend on where the objects are placed within the frame. The composition tells the viewer what to see. There are many ways to compose photos. You can use colors and shapes to create balance. You can use the rule of thirds and the golden ratio to place subjects. You have many options to express your views, but only one message.

For abstract photography, use ripples.

When using water as your reflection, you have two options: a smooth surface that mirrors like a mirror or an unstable surface that creates texture. You can create creative abstracts by photographing in windy conditions that cause waves or throwing a pebble into the water to create ripples. You can also combine moving water with different shutter speeds to produce various effects.

Last words

These examples and ideas will help you capture stunning reflections in your photography. Moreover, Victoria maternity photographers are professional enough that will take your amazing reflection photography. Contact us now!