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How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last?

May 24

What is a lip tattoo?

A lip tattoo is a colouring procedure that uses tiny needles to insert pigment into the lips. Lip tattoos come in two ways: one is through tattoos on the lip area, and the other is through semi-permanent lip makeup, which is a cosmetic tattoo on the lips that enhances the lips' natural colour. It enhances the colour and helps to improve the shape of the lips. This creates the illusion of more definition and fullness without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Despite the fact that many people believe that lip tattooing is very similar to eyebrow microblading, tattoo artists have found that the treatments differ. Semi-permanent lip tattooing is applied with a needle and a machine, while eyebrow microblading is a manual process that involves using a hand tool and cutting the skin.


The actual process of lip tattooing

There are two ways to get a lip tattoo: a semi-permanent lip tattoo or a design or logo in the lip area.

1. Semi-permanent lip tattoo on the outside

Pigments are pricked onto the lip with a tiny needle to form the layers of colour. A lower speed tattoo machine is used less frequently than traditional tattoo machines. The colour is applied to the entire lip using different techniques, depending on the desired look.


2. Tattooing a motif in the lip area

The tattoo artist first draws the motif on the inside of the lip. Then he draws it on the desired area of your lips. The tattoo artist uses new, sterile needles to introduce the desired colour into your skin through slow, methodical punctures.


Two different types of cosmetic lip tattooing techniques

Lip tattooing is becoming increasingly important in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Permanent makeup artists will advise you on the most appropriate treatment, but it pays to know available options. The following are the two techniques that are becoming increasingly famous in the beauty industry;


1. The lip blush method

The lip blush method offers a softer, more natural look. The result is a beautiful finish of shading and blending.


2. The contouring and blending treatment of the lips   

The contouring and blending treatment of the lips aims to replace lost or faded pigment on the outer edge of the lips. This treatment also enhances the shape of the lips without creating visible demarcation lines.

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