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Top 5 Reasons to Do A Boudoir Shoot

Jan 26

5 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Shoot

Every woman should feel important, beautiful, and sexy. Boudoir shoots allow women to realize that they are powerful, sexy, and fierce. Here are the top five reasons why every woman should do a boudoir shoot at least once. We recommend doing it more!

Reason One: Celebrate Yourself

You deserve to feel good about yourself and you should put yourself first for a day. If you select the right photographer you will feel wonderful during your session. Your photographer should offer words of encouragement and make you believe in yourself. A boudoir shoot should be a fun opportunity to celebrate you and help you find the sexy self that’s been hiding in you all along.

Seductive woman in bra and panties

Reason Two: Milestone Birthday

There is beauty in a number. Are you coming up on a milestone birthday that needs to be recognized? Celebrating where you are in your life and acknowledging how awesome you are with each passing year needs to be documented. Why not do something big to reward yourself on this special occasion? I would love the opportunity to set up a shoot for you that screams, “You are totally worth it!”

Seductive pose with woman in red and black lingerie

 Reason Number 3: Wedding Gift

A wedding is a perfect opportunity to show off your sexy side. Preparing for your wedding has you so busy and things are a little (well a lot) chaotic right? Brides to be; boudoir sessions are the perfect form of self-care and also boost your confidence as your wedding day approaches. Slow down and enjoy just how much work you have done, and reward yourself with some YOU time. Oh, wait… did we mention this would be a gift he would never forget?

Reason Four: Mom-To-Be

Motherhood is tough. Not only is it one of the most difficult jobs you will ever have, but it also takes sacrifice. And that includes your body and the demands it goes through in order to bring a child into the world. You definitely require admiration and a celebration of the transformation your body has or will go through. Maternity boudoir shoots can happen early in your pregnancy or later depending on what you want to document. Some of our clients do several sessions during pregnancy to showcase the beautiful transformation into motherhood.

Maternity Boudoir Pose

Reason Five: Divorce or Breakup

When a relationship ends, a new chapter of your life starts. What better way to reconnect with yourself and honor your inner goddess! These types of boudoir sessions are designed to give you everything you need and desire to move on. Give yourself some time to work through it, and then do something FUN when you are ready to be free. It can be a very transformative experience that will fill you with positive energy and a new outlook on things.

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