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Melbourne Makeup Artist- Australia

Oct 12

Why Hire A Makeup Artist?

Should every bride hire a makeup artist for her wedding day makeup?
Ok, so as a makeup artist, many of you would think that of course I will put hair and makeup as something not to scrimp on.

What I will say, is that it’s important to have a look at the bigger picture and decide what is important to you so that you’re the most happiest on your wedding day.



Weddings Are An Expensive Day

There is no doubt that weddings can be an expensive affair.
The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $65k which is a lot of money.
When budgeting for a wedding there are some areas that you can save money on and I agree that hair and makeup can add up.
Like all hair and makeup services, there are different makeup artists who have different price points to suit all budgets.

Some make up artists will charge~$50 per bride and others charge ~$250+ and everything in between.
Like anything in life, it’s important to understand what you’re paying for as often (as the saying goes) “you get what you pay for”.

One thing ALL brides want for their wedding day (regardless of background, ethnicity, income/social status, age etc) is to look and feel beautiful.

Why Is Makeup So Important In Photos?

Many couples spend thousands on their photographer so ensuring the makeup look photographs well in different lights.
This is critical especially as some products can make your complexion appear white or shiny.

You’re making that investment so that your memories will be preserved beautifully in photos.
The type of makeup you are wearing and the way it is applied can affect the way you look in your photos.

Makeup For Everyday Wear Is Different Than Makeup For Photography.

Some products can make your complexion appear ghostly white or oily, or they can oxidize on the skin and appear too dark or orange.

If not applied specifically for photos and to withstand a long event.
Your makeup could break down, you could become shiny, or you could appear as if you’re not wearing makeup at all in your photos.

In ten years, no one will remember what your cake looked like, how it tasted, or what flowers were on each table.
What they will remember is how beautiful you looked, and the most important keepsake from your wedding will be your photos.

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